The aim of this website is to collapse the dying power of the World Hate Establishment of satanic societies by freeing Jews from the fake guilt that freezes them with fear of criminal insanity. Its post-9/11 hope, that its core assertions will be communicated throughout Jewry, rests in Saint Vincent Ferrer’s conviction that nothing short of the whole of singular truth ever convinced Jews.

Michael McDonnell
(near Melbourne, Aust.)

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Laus Deo

Their Tribulation

The meaning of life is war between good and evil whose chief protagonists are not Catholics and Jews but the blessed virgin Mary and Satan, and the purpose of life is to save one’s eternally conscious self. In the light of this, all events and behaviour become comprehensible to minds who will to know.

The horrific events of history’s most terrible century cannot be understood without recalling the religious dimension of reality, particularly of intelligent evil and its positive intention to deface and destroy. Scholars confuse our comprehension of the times because the minds of even earnest writers forget or reject the reality of evil and malevolent intentionality. The very concept has been drained from our minds and no longer exists as a reference to explain our grim predicament. Most people think humanity is the source of evil in the world, though the actual architect and tireless cause of our private agony and social distress is the real and personal father of lies, the lord of Hate, external from human nature.

It is Mystery, unknowable to our finite minds, that in the co-instant sequence of the eternal now, God creates Lucifer the peerless angel of light, and Mary the peerless mother of the elect. Lucifer freely rebels against his perfect Creator and is driven from God’s beauty by Michaël the indignant, to become Satan the accuser committed to his pride, his abysmal loss and to total hatred of humanity whom self-sufficient God, for the sake of love, loves into existence to replace the fallen angels. Continue here.

Revelling in human misery, his driven objective is to unmake human beings, to separate men from their humanity, to steer us toward his own conscious state of perfect non-existence called hell, knowingly separated from Him who sustains all existence. He created us with the will free to choose good or evil, so Satan must rely on men to dehumanise themselves. He cannot do this directly, he can only entice men to do it to themselves.

God created us yearning toward good and averse to evil. Men know when they are wicked. Therefore, evil must proceed in secret and by deception so it is not recognised until its power is sufficient to impose the general terror required to entrench its rule. Until then, evil dreads exposure because men naturally condemn and suppress evil if they recognise it.

In the womb, as our senses form and the fact of life dawns on us, the quest to comprehend the fact begins. In infancy, as our little hands grasp at every accessible thing, the quest to grasp the nature and extent of the world intensifies. From the beginning we are driven to understand existence fully, and in childhood we nag our parents for its definition. The human mind seeks truth, and in uncluttered childhood we know that it is singular—that there is only one truth, one reality. We knew the leopard got its spots somewhere, and with critical rationality believed in Santa before we comprehended being lied to.

To frustrate our observance of truth, evil confuses us by peppering with semblances both truth and clumsier non-truth so that neither is clearly visible. Any notion which is meaningless, contradictory, vague, ambiguous or the exact opposite of the real is the periscope-wake of evil and the definitive signature of malign intent, directly or vicariously.

All ontological thought, that which seeks the principles of existence, tends toward one of two mutually excluding opposites, self and God. To divert the human quest, evil amplifies self and the chaos of subjective judgements to subvert our capacity to deduce objective reality. It insinuates the optional absurdities that God, reality, truth and morality do not exist, or that the self is God, or that some genius is greater than God.

As camouflage evil erects monism, that ‘all is one,’ that good and evil are the same; and dualism, that they are distinct but inter-dependent, that good cannot exist without evil; or, as an esoteric (secret) each-way bet, that Lucifer is the unjustly outcast god of good—in other words that evil is not real and dynamic. Anything, any lie or truth or shade of either is used by evil to deceive, confuse, entice then accuse, divide and divert men away from critical realism toward wilful annihilation of their own humanity.

Humanity resides in spirit but is visible in our eyes. It is the sense in one’s self and perception about others that people desire good, therefore dignity, and are therefore invaluable above all non-human beings. Obscenity is whatever tends to obliterate humanity, to reduce our sense and perception of the invaluable person to that of a valueless, personless and despised object. This is why societies confine obscenity and why evil liberates it.

To maximise its damning effect, evil must discredit God and His objective moral order by promoting subjective opinion. Then it demoralises decency by legitimising indecency. To do this it must control societies by destroying their defensive institutions—religion (‘opium of the people’), family (‘marriage is legalised prostitution’), and private property (‘theft’).

Mortally wounded, this murderous mobster called for a priest; was received, confessed and absolved.
To satanic media fury the Judaic died Catholic.

Evil attacks all legitimate institutions while building its own which must be committee-directed, led by nobody, because surviving decency or hope, even in extremely depraved individuals, is a constant threat to this anti-human design.
Satan never knows when a worm or a beast will turn back into a man. Therefore the common purpose of evil organisations is to centralise power massively then globally so that no person or nation commands anything with which to resist the strategy to destroy and control. If an apparatchik recognises and rejects the evil that raised him up, this turncoat’s influence tumbles and his apparatus ejects him.

The control priorities of evil are firstly over the controllers of finance so as to dominate government and then industry, the generator of wealth and independent lives; then over media to blanket in silence both truth and coordinated evil, while the public expression of culture is saturated with subversive ideas, anti-morality, false history and events, tranquillising banality and demoralising obscenity; then over education, which should be compulsory, to invade family responsibility and to eradicate religion, the base of moral confidence. Finally, to change law from a defensive institution into an anti-civic weapon, organised evil aims to control appointments to all levels of legitimate authority so that only its dependants rise.

Its organisational structure is discrete then secret hierarchy whose benign facades attract generally unsuspecting novices. Men may rise in these pyramids only by succumbing to enticements into wilful corruption of self. Where they refuse to descend morally their ascent stops, for only the most corrupt or compliant may approach the supposed top and be permitted to exercise high influence particularly over mass media and immense wealth.

The structure is least inaccurately called Gnostic. Gnosticism is the finely engineered opposite of true religion and consists purely in layers of deception. The ancient word gnosis, knowledge, describes and mirrors the Serpent’s lie exactly: eat of the Tree of Knowledge, strive for empowering gnosis (which is esoteric) to become (equal to) God. This lame subterfuge needs secrecy and the appearance of speculative philosophy to camouflage evil so that willing individuals can wither privately in their vice, their delusions and entrapment in the Gnostic organisation. Gnosticism’s only definable, dedicated institution is Judaism and its shape is Freemasonic.

The conspiracy theory says that the Jews, who control everything, built the heresies, Gnosticism, Theosophy, the New Age movements, Freemasonry, the Communisms, the English, American, French then Red revolutions to destroy Christianity so they can rule the world.

Proof of the preponderance of Judeo-Masonic influence is that public discussion of it is nil. It is banned, providing universal cover for terror dedicated to globalist anti-humanity.

“We’ve got to make the unionists realise we are not a lot of bra-burning barking silly bitches.” Delegate, National Womens Liberation Conference, 4 Sep '71

The man-hating womens-lib furies never attacked men-only Masonry, thus proving its part in directing even the ‘womens’ movement. Yet the theory is penultimate deception. Most of the secretly self-castrated catamites of optionally risible Baphomet [see She Would be a Mason] do not know, then want not to know Masonry’s content and purpose. They swore obedience guiltily deciding that it is all sufficiently harmless nonsense to be borne blankly in return for discrete, special assistance in business, crime and careers. Each member knows there is no empowering ‘knowledge,’ no ‘craft’ and that nothing is ‘worked’ except the debilitating tyranny of unmentionable contempt among worshipful brothers who lowered themselves to clownish charades and menacing solemnities to get something from the billy-goat for the price of their souls.

It is not beastly British or Jewish bankers or Anglo-American satanists at war with Christianity funding Fabians and Humanists, Nazi Zionists, Reds and homosexuals now called Greens; or protecting pornographers, activist judges, drug financiers, New Age liars or Israeli murderers; it is the inner cores of all of these covert, sinister associations silently coordinating this Gnostic establishment of contending elites in only loose affiliation.

Persons incredulous of the religious interpretation of behaviour and events may peruse my 1984 pre-conversion observations, accessible to anyone, describing the ‘Left’ by definition as the mentality of Hate.

This central arena is accessible only to influentials who embrace the mentality of sublimated hatred of self, humanity, life and God—Satan’s mentality of Hate—the baleful spirit of Gnosticism, whose organisations successfully destroyed all thrones and altars and, until the year two thousand, had reduced family, civic and national vitality to ruins, and economic creativity to chains, leaving humanity globally defenceless against the curs of the man-hating woman-hating malevolent eunuch.

This Hate establishment has two parts, an active, invisible head and a re-active, visible, ‘leftist’ or liberal body. For the delusions of fools and guilt-maddened Jews, the head deploys intermediaries to radiate cosmetic morality and virtual ideology which people do recognise as false, however intuitively. Then they make their free choice. Confused, unrepresented, silent majorities reject the stench

“Accuse them of what we do.”
“Marxism is not an ideology, it is a weapon.”
“A communist is a dead man on furlough.”— Lenin

while small minorities, enticed largely from Judaism but generally from victims of childhood scandal, adopt the broad range of socio-political opinions which are really subliminal expressions of resentment, of Hate, they giving their passive sympathy or active support, particularly in heroic youth, to the myriad front groups of the Gnostic array.

When King Henry discarded Catherine his wife and took Anne his daughter as wife, lawyers said it was legal but men knew it was not. Then he murdered England’s nobility or dissolved it into his new looter class, and ruled by terror against her devastated people and the ancient Church that had anointed him. The King revolted against the Pope. The bedrock of civilisation was split. In the centuries of consequent pauperism. . . continue here

At his own level of delusion and deceit every Gnostic every ‘radical’ every bankster or Communist or Zionist, every covert or overt hatist has his own vision of what he is engaged in; but only the rarest individuals grasp that this is the global control needed to maximise the incidence of eternal damnation, Satan’s only desire. But if he discovers this to his horror, what compromised Jew, sodomite or aroma therapy stooge could credibly tell, and to whom particularly today? Satan does not exist. The reverberating laughter is from hell at us excreting bellies on stilts.

History’s automotive institutions are two, Catholicism and Judaism. The rest are resigned to crushing, irresistible Fate—to despair—to the goddess Fortuna who does not exist.

Judaism is not about God but the tribe—the ancient, superior race. This exclusivism does preserve Judaism but also describes its nullity as religion wherein optional God is but tribal war god. God chose the Hebrew people to host then propagate the incarnated Christ sent not to lead them on earth as Judaism optionally demands, but to offer repayment in perfect justice to the Father for the sins of all people. The Hebrews who affirmed Jesus started Catha-hol-ism, globalism, in immediate compliance with His command to teach all peoples how to save their souls. Those who rejected Him knew whom they freely willed to murder. He said He is God and worked far too many miracles for doubt. In 30AD, no one doubted the Resurrection. They started Judaism at the same time (detail here) solely to destroy Catholicism. Everything in Judaism is optional except rejection of the one hated religion of the one hated God whose name alone the rabbis teach Jews to curse.

This is mortally threatening to the humanity of Jews who are compelled to defend their sanity by transferring guilt with an edifice of delusions whose subterranean supports are that they are Hebrew, innocent and victim. Actually the first victims of Judaic deception, Jews in formative years are given silently to notice privately the overwhelming evidence accumulating to the crippling suspicion that the Jewish self is intrinsically evil by divinely cursed blood in unique objective fact beyond inane opinion.

This brilliant fraud provokes one of two reactions. On the one hand, under constant strain from the need to deny Jewish perfidy by accusing Gentile reprisal, and under constant threat from the distressing realisation that their inherited identity, so unwelcome and difficult to discard, is religiously and socially outlandish, most Jews deserted Judaism down the 1,984 years since the Covenant was broken and the veil was rent, because they refused to stomach the lies, filth, unappeasable separatism and the unprovoked malice that dynamically malign Judaism thereafter demanded from its descendants. On the other hand, the minority despairs of any enduring good from life, surrendering to the mentality of Hate sublimated in terms of Satan’s cruellest hoax, their fabricated identity:-

The myth of Hebrew descent necessitated the matrilineal option which describes promiscuous, depraved societies where only the mother can be confidently identified, like pre-historic Japan, proto-historic China, traditional India or the black U.S. Thus, when it was that patriarchal “Judaism” installed the matrilineal is never specified, and the embedded libel of its own young is ever viciously silent.

Told they are Hebrews from Shem, Heber and Abraham formed by Moses, they actually descend overwhelmingly from converted peoples with zero claim to the Holy Land—5thC Himyar Yemenis, 6thC Berber North Africans and 8thC ‘Turkic’ Caucasians. Thus that ancient, pre-eminently dogmatic people has not existed as an identifiable nation-race since well before the mid first millennium.* Cursed blood does not exist.

Told they are innocent—that the Messiah did not come—their institution is not defined by unbelief in the divinity of Jesus, for the antagonism is chronic and too intense. Thus the definition of Jewishness is never clarified

“If He turns up again we’ll nail Him up again and send Him a bill for the last upper.”

because the definitive Jew, ‘no stupid atheist,’ does believe in God and hates Him.

As a national symbol the ‘Magen David’ scarcely predates the twentieth century—Basle 1897!—when the Menorah got junked. Since the ancient hexagram is a satanic negation/inversion of Father, Son and Holy Ghost, the symbolism on the Israeli flag is never explained, and the Star is never attributed to King David of Bethlehem explicitly, only implicitly because it is unambiguous. The Psalmist never owned the symbol of Satan’s hate. Today it is the symbol of globalist anti-humanity posing as a nation state, conceived when ‘black gold’ was discovered in Persia around 1905, whose hate blinded builders were sent by the British ‘aristocracy of money’ with genocidal lebensraum aforethought.

To hide and deflect maddening guilt, exposure of bloody scandal is called blood libel or malicious lies; enquiry into criminal intent is called anti-semitism; condemnation of it is called defamation or hate speech, and suppressing it is called pogrom. Everything justifies unprovoked malice called revenge, and perpetuates the crippling cycle of mythical guilt. “The most moral army in the world” describes the most bestial.

Told they are victims of Christians, or the rest of humanity who hate them without cause, they are only ever told implicitly on which side the unprovoked malice smoulders, but never explicitly because the lie unadorned would spotlight the damning truth and jeopardise the enslaving delusions of Jews. Therefore, urged against host societies that they naturally yearn to love, most Jews assimilate muffling their identity out of shame or cunning. Their accusing animus and its mantra ‘anti-semitism’ serve to hide and deflect both real and imagined guilt against any suggestion of Jewish guilt because it is unmentionable, too terrible to examine because frantic Jews rationally assume it is inescapable, unforgivable guilt.

Q.— B’nai B’rith pederast Leo Frank shreds Mary Phagan, 13. Whose fault was it? A.—Defamation! A pack of lies!

— Schwatzer Caucasians do Lindbergh‘s baby.         Whose fault was that?     —    His. He was anti-semitic.

— Hitler attacks two weeks early, saving all Europe from getting sovietised.   Fault?  —   His, for blaming us.

— Churchill/Roosevelt minders saturation bomb German/Japanese civilians.  Fault?  —   Good.

— Eisenhower’s minders murder 1.2 million German POWs, mid-1945.  Fault?  —   Theirs for blaming us.

— Hollywood and ADL’s amici curiae shred the socio-moral fabric.   Fault?   —   This stinking society’s.

— JDL’s Baruch Goldstein kills 29+ mosque worshippers, 1994.     Fault?   —   Wrong question. He was a hero.

— ‘Muslim’ terrorists kill 330+ at Beslan, 2004.           Fault?   —     The Kremlin’s for botching its response.

— Israeli sniper decapitates kid.     Fault?     —     No ones.   She was the worthless sprog of camel jockeys.

— Zion-deployed mercenaries and mistaravim kill-teams do US/UK contracts to simulate Iraq, Syria etc. civil war.

— London police always knew Jack the Ripper was Aaron Kosminski, died 1919, but hidden by Jews to this day.

Schindler’s List portrayed Talmud-crazed guilt as Nazi, and Munich ratified Spielberg’s slavery to it, namely, the Mossad’s ‘Black September’ murder in 1972 of 11 Israeli athletes to defame defenceless Palestinians.

— On 9/11, five dancing Israelis—sent “to document the event”—euphorically celebrated their ancient superiority.

— “What does it really matter if three million Russian peasants starve to death? Really! What! I then understood anti-Semitism.” — Malcolm Muggeridge, Winter In Moscow, 1934.

In criminal insanity stands the Jews’ tribulation.

When asked if a Jew can be anti-Semitic, comedian Sarah Silverman replied, “Please. No one hates Jews more than Jews.”

Although the most malicious deceptions entrap the Jewish individual, the Judaic institution is maintained by guilt-maddened goy hating hunchbacks, the likes of whom Nazi propaganda did not slander but accurately described. In turn, this type is inadvertently consoled and legitimated by the despairing sad Stoic, the benign left liberal for whom returning to that murdered God equates to escaping or betraying the tribe he would love. Both are the manipulated victims of the most vicious type so thoroughly surrendered to the mentality of Hate that the revolting Jewish identity is transcended.

However, above human machinations, "our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the directors of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the air."

Is this Rothschild-Rockefeller, this Silverstein-Zakheim, this Greenspan-Bernanke graduate from Judaism still a Jew? The answer is irrelevant. He is above tribal guilt and beyond caring. Hate is serene. It supplies all. September 11th was fine.

Stubborn in its rejection of God’s universal or catholic plan, Judaism holds fast to its self-alienating identity torn between its

Dr. Oscar Levy’s 1920 view of the Jewish tribulation is offered here because it is perceptive, candid, loving and filled with good hope.

unbreakable tie to God and to the mad claim of ‘the chosen people’ to rule the world. Though many tyrants have attempted world conquest, Judaism alone harbours that wicked objective as an ideal inextricable from its post-Resurrection essence.

The final solution to the Jewish problem is necessarily the conversion in sorrow and repentance of the definitive Jew, of the criminal maniac empowered by the Creator to punish the nations for rejecting Him. Not so the rabid or serene hatists that say they are Jews but are not, but are the synagogue of Satan, and anti-human and anti-Christ. Burn them. Christian eschatology has always anticipated the ‘ingrafting,’ the conversion of the Jews, as the dedicated killer Saul became Saint Paul. When the Luciferian declaration, Non serviam! I will not serve! is rejected, when the definitive Jew—in the image of Ariel Sharon—is finally induced by the extremity of his ghastly achievements to admit, weep and kneel then Judaism will disintegrate and Jews will be heavily instrumental in rebuilding Catholicism, though the shattered establishment of hatists hitherto lurking in their shadow will persevere for as long as free will lasts.


By about 1900, awareness of Satan’s reality had been drained from the Catholic mind, God hating Communism was called atheistic, and the Church was rotted through. Civilisation had been challenged by Re-nascent paganism, split by the Protestant revolt, discredited by scientism, confused by the Enlightenment, stripped of leadership by the revolutions and castrated by liberalism.** The sense of dogmatic objective reality—“the dogma of the faith”—was lost. Finally at the Second Vatican Council the Church went down like a brain-shot elephant. Few knew because few cared. Judaism had achieved its Promethean triumph called the Sixties Revolution. The titan was unchained and organised evil ruled the world unchallenged for forty years.

By 1958 the last hated pope was dead and buried in media silence. “We non-Catholics had never heard of him.” Then John XXIII indulged the terminal absurdity that the one hated Church has no enemies. “Then we got told what he had for lunch.” To the right is the vile media’s then regular news-pic of ‘Good Pope John.’

From the moment of its conception in January 1959 when the words ‘ecumenical council’ reverberated unquestioned in the mind of John XXIII, Vatican Two was predestined to be Gnosticism’s final assault on the Church Militant because the Pope had led it. His call was in the vague, ambiguous language of modernism, Catholic hate-ism, which is the energised spirit of negation, denial, rejection. He said the Church was stale, so windows must be opened to fresh new air to facilitate dialogue with modern man. But modern man is pagan, starving for certainty, emasculated and miserable, with nothing to recommend except meaningless matter, luck then oblivion. Should the Church change in that direction? If the Holy Father’s intention was fundamental change, which means destruction, that suicidal course was unthinkable to Catholics and they did not think it. Did the Pope really expect ‘our separated brethren’ would become Catholics? The reverse question did not arise.

In 1846 at La Salette, France, the Virgin mother said that the priesthood had become a sewer of impurity, that Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of AntiChrist.

From the moment it was realised that the Pope had no sound reason for summoning a supreme council, this silent signal in modernist code was received worldwide among the informal associations of modernist clergy which had been smouldering underground since their firm suppression by Pope Pius X (d. 1914). This signal was to marshal for radical change. With Council’s inauguration in October 1962, it was the ‘longed for day’ only of the Hate establishment which had ‘finally dawned,’ as media enthusiasm showed. By its end in November 1965, the Church’s teachings, though poisoned, remained intact but only on paper. The tidal victory of the then formally organised hatists lay in having clear precision re-phrased in ambiguities.

Where Sacrosanctum Concilium specified what was to be preserved, its authors were communicating in code what was really to be targeted.

By this achievement they knew they had secured the switch points of power, demonstrating that the last protectors of Catholic substance were impotent. So they proceeded immediately to commit every heresy and blasphemy and sacrilege and change amid change until that stinking excrescence be changed out of existence. Ecrasez l’infame!

Beyond the myriad changes made to every Catholic thing after 1965, the very completeness of that destruction must be measured most grimly by the successful replacement in 1969 of the Church’s rites of ordination of priests and bishops—their replacement with radically different propaganda-substitute rites—by which it must be grievously doubted that the New Order, the Novus Ordo regime controlling the Catholic name and the few billion left in real estate, has ordained or consecrated anyone since then.

“And I will fling in your face the shit of your solemnities...saith the Lord of hosts.” Malachias 2:3.

That is:- It is grievously probable that the priesthood and episcopacy have been all but completely eradicated, that Pope Benedict and now Pope Francis inherited no sacerdotal hierarchy but a film set, that virtually no divinely empowered bishops remain of the Roman mystical Church who are divinely ‘imprinted with the indelible character.’

Although zero doubt enshrouds the sacerdotal substance of Orthodox priests, no saving dynamism from the eastern communions can be expected while Rome remains a theological and liturgical sewer. The Bolshevik horror swept into history not only a popular conservatism more brute-feudal than the autocracy, but also the xenophobia of ancient Rus—though not her saintly patriotism. Though the hated Filioque has drifted out of the dazed memory (Operation Groza!) of destined emergent Russia, the imminent fulfilment of Fátima under Patriarch Kirill, and the resurrection of the Church Pulverised cannot be discussed here. For twenty eight years, the Western Hate media’s prize clown canoniser and guilt-frozen, Gnostic—“Man is the Christ” a new truth he came to reveal—popemobile pope erased the silent ruin he inherited from Paul VI (d. 1978).

Papa Ratzinger said he would rebuild. But Bishop Emeritus Benedict, the “bishop dressed in white,” is “a thinker not a fighter.” Though his heart is Catholic his mind is diabolically disoriented by scientistic methodology which is

Still, this clown is probably no satanist like JP2

oblivious to the person of Satan and thus to vigorous malice. Because God does not teach old dogs new tricks he will die in his Hegelian phenomenology (2 and 2 can and assuredly do on occasion equal 4). So it shall be his successor, Pope Francis the First, who providentially returns to the virile propagation and protection of true religion. “Francis, rebuild My Church.”   Pope Francis, rebuild His priesthood.

Certainly only the Pope could convert wholesale both terminally neutered Islam by detailing Israel as the racist engine of globalist terror, and Jewry by exposing the triune lie that sustains Judaic despair. He could convert China in five years by observing that she must necessarily convert to the one immutable dogmatic religion because hers, the very definition of singular and immutable dogmatic civilisation has been smashed. He could convert the soul of Japan by shaming the Emperor out of his people’s simian delusions of his divinity. He could annihilate national debt (Hitler’s mortal sin) by exposing it as properly defaultible contract void by vice of the coercion of governments by the satanic societies. He could annihilate the world drugs scourge by declaring the criminalising laws null and void due to the same Masonic coercion upon governments, coercion to invade personal responsibility. He could induce the moral élites of frantic populations to snatch control of mainline political parties from Masonic domination, then induce the legitimate authorities of nations to drag to public justice the controllers of finance and mass media by surveying their super crimes. The Pope could deal the death blow to the declining UK/US military/financial rogue superpower by revealing the satanic purpose and satanic achievements of its ruling élite, and by charting its immense crimes. And the Holy Father could neutralise its robotising terrorist military by declaring that deployment of US forces outside US borders has constituted unprovoked war against all nations for two hundred years, all nations that now may justly destroy them on sight.

Only after the Russian church kneels to the Pope, can the Russian people face the truth of their Great Patriotic War:- that the greatest Russian patriots fought with the Germans against the satanised violators of their people, that the satanists murdered more Russian soldiers than the Germans killed. In Prussian Nights and Gulag, Solzhenitsyn recorded how Russia’s best faced the beast unto death.

Then shall be realised the enduring prophecy of Moscow, not quite ‘the Third Rome.’ Then her valid priests and holy bishops will come, nay run, to succour and rebuild their dreadfully wounded One Holy Roman but also Apostolic Church of Peter the Rock immovable and of prostrate humanity.

On the 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year of the world’s 7th millennium—on the Feast Day of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Rome’s evangelists to the Rus—Pope Benedict XVI, in a welter of confusion, delusion, expediency and compromise but of love, publicly re-admitted the integrity of the divine Sacrifice of Calvary, the banned Eucharist, main conduit of divine grace, Holy Mother Church’s life blood. Inadvertently the Pope finally contradicted the Vatican II God haters who had replaced the Mass with the ‘Lord’s Supper’ of Father Luther who knew—to destroy the Church merely destroy the Mass. Restore the Mass and She rises again. When legitimacy was papally restored to the heart of the crucified Church on 7/7/2007, Her resurrection commenced.

Thus shortly in God’s just time may hostilities commence.



* This secreted, stupefying history of the empire of Khazaria, supported by the most sobering Jewish research, is detailed in The Thirteenth Tribe (1976) by Arthur Koestler. This URL offers his book reset with only mildly irritating commentary. Another URL, The Thirteenth Tribe inconveniently offers each page as a scanned graphic. On publication the book was routinely reviewed then it quietly submerged. . . . Back up to * the place


**Recommending The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation Regina Publications, Dublin, 1953, by Father Denis Fahey, Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (C.S.Sp.).

Written from the fount of Christian charity (of awareness that Satan is humanity’s only enemy), this book expresses ideal Catholic militancy based on spiritual devotion (on awareness that the stakes of life are in eternity). This implicitly explains Fr. Fahey’s rejection by the rotten hierarchy, i.e. for his pious determination that the Church’s enemies could and therefore must be fought; and reveals the author’s benign assumptions which fooled us all, Catholic and Jew alike:- *that Jews are Hebrew, not ceasing to be the race in which the “Word was made flesh;” *that ‘the Jews’ names a unity, even though most assimilate in rejection of unprovoked malice; *that Judaism is a religion although Jews, contrary to the rest of humanity, do not kneel; they refuse; *that the revolutions enjoyed the credulity and support of general populations, failing to grasp the cynicism of Weishaupt’s secret dictum, “We shall make the people’s cause our own.” Sadly consonant with the depleted Catholic spirit, he understood the Revolution’s ‘rights of man’ as an inversion of the rights of God, as though God could be dispossessed, and not as man’s duties to God, the non-performance of which earns eternal death. Though he could not have foreseen the Church’s complete disintegration—as world Jewry has not realised to this day—he was a rare, worthy enemy.

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